One Shoe

In Rose’s world, Cinderella’s shoe loss is the most traumatic and important thing that happens to Cinderella. The first time we read a book about Cinderella, Rose went on and on about “Oh no, ‘Rella lost shoe! Oh no, her shoe!” for a long, long time.

Recently we got a Barbie-sized Cinderella doll. Whenever we get Barbies and other small dolls, I superglue the shoes right on those suckers. We are not going to have a ton of Barbie shoes just lost all over the place and in our vacuum cleaner at our house. If a tiny doll comes in here with shoes, we’re going to superglue that sucker right up. I don’t care how many blisters those dolls get on their toes from wearing high heels all the time, those tiny bastard shoes are staying on their feet.

Since I’ve told this girls this is what you do with doll shoes from the beginning, Lily WANTS her dolls to keep their shoes on with glue and hasn’t tried to remove them. Rose, however, had other ideas. The second I handed Cinderella back to Rose, Rose ripped one of Cinderella’s shoes right off. NO!!!!!

I tried to convince her that she should leave the shoe on and she pointed out that I was wrong.

“No, Mommy! Cinderella only has one shoe!”

You can’t properly play Cinderella if the tiny Barbie shoes can’t come off.

In fact, all of Rose’s Cinderella dolls traipse around here with only one shoe on. She repeatedly asks me where the other shoe is even though she’s the one who purposefully removes the shoes.

To top this off, lately I noticed ROSE is limping around here in a Cinderella costume with only one Cinderella glass slipper on her foot.

Cinderella only wears one shoe and when you are (almost) 3, this is very VERY important.


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