Operation Mommy Doesn’t Get to Nap

I am really tired today. The baby didn’t go to bed until 11 and then cried several times in the middle of the night (though didn’t wake up so it could have been worse). Every time she cried in her sleep, my adrenaline would pump. “OMG! Baby’s up! She never goes right back to sleep so I’m not going to get any sleep! OMG I’m going to be so tired tomorrow! Why is she up?! Why?!”

She wasn’t up. She was just crying wolf.

But then Rose started wailing in the middle of the night and she meant it. She was up with a bad cough. She moved to my bed and then kept me up coughing even after I relocated to the guest room. I woke up earlier than I would have liked to the sounds of the clean-up of a gross pull-up leak in MY OWN BED. Thanks, Rose!

It was one of those wonderful nights where there isn’t enough coffee in the world to make the next day right. To top things off, Dr. Toy Warden is working late.

So I needed a nap this afternoon while the big girls were at preschool. I had 2.5 hours to make that happen before Dr. Toy Warden brought the girls home during his dinner break. I hoped the baby would cooperate. In a way she did by sleeping a lot, but I still didn’t get to take a nap. She plotted out her sleep in a way that made my sleeping impossible.

1) Baby falls asleep on the way home from preschool. She never stays asleep in the carseat long. I know that if I try to nap now, it won’t happen. I know I can’t take her out of her carseat or she will wake up. She naps about once every 90 minutes still, so I figure I’ll catch the next one.

2) Baby wakes up 20 minutes later while I’m making lunch. I put her in her swing so I can eat. I take about 5 minutes to eat, but she’s fallen right back to sleep. I know I don’t have long because she doesn’t sleep well in the swing. The odds of my getting a nap now are slim.

3) An HOUR later (weird for the swing) baby wakes up. I figure she’s really awake now. I nurse her. She falls asleep in my lap. I am currently trapped under a sleeping baby who has taken one long-ass nap with interruptions. If I move her, she will wake up.

I’ve been trapped for a while. The big girls will now be home in 15 minutes.

No nap for me and it’s super unfair because the baby has been asleep almost the entire time the girls were at school. And I haven’t been able to do anything productive because this sleeping baby was in the living room. Any movement will wake her.

I think she did this on purpose. Every single time I try to nap, it backfires. She clearly wants me to be awake all the time and thinks I should be able to muddle through because she sleeps through the night. In a way, she’s right. If I had slept through the night with her, I would be fine. Sadly, her sibling had other ideas.

Plotting children– nothing but trouble.


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