That Time Lily went to Harvard Law for Preschool

This morning we were watching another invasive political ad designed to make me angry. I decided to do some teaching on politics.

Me: That guy there, Barack Obama, he’s the president. And that guy there is Mitt Romney. He wants to be the president.

Lily: I know! That guy, Barack, he’s from my school. He’s Barack and Obama.

Me: Oh no, he’s not from your school. He’s the president of the United States of America.

Lily: He’s from my school!

Me: No, you don’t go to preschool with anyone named Barack Obama!

Lily: I did last year! I know his name! Barack Obama!

She didn’t. I know she read a book about Barack Obama on President’s Day last year, but other than that, no. I’m pretty sure if the president had been to her preschool, I would have heard about it!

And that’s as political as I get on this blog even though I have a very definite political view. Hints: Jewish, biracial marriage, journalist, liberal arts major, wife to a university lecturer, daughter of hippies… I’m sure that combination of stereotypes gives absolutely nothing away.


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