The Bag Lady Returns

Lily was temporarily a potty training prodigy and started pooping in the potty at 15 months old. From that moment on, I became a bag lady. She only weighed about 17 pounds and had such a tiny little butt that she found sitting on a real potty terrifying when we went out in public. I could try to hold her on there all I wanted, but that girl would not sit on the potty without a potty seat.

I was forced to start carrying a potty seat in a bag (along with a giant diaper bag AND Rose) for two years.

Here’s a cartoon I drew of it back in the day.

When Lily finally agreed to sit on the real potty, I vowed I would never carry a potty bag again. Rose would be forced to sit on public potties.

Famous last words. I didn’t know how good I had it carrying just a potty bag. For the first month of potty training, Rose refused to sit on a potty seat and insisted on using a potty chair.

For those of you who don’t know the difference, this is what I consider a potty seat:

It fits on a real toilet and allows your child to make a deposit directly where such deposits should go. There is no clean up with a potty seat. It’s a pain in the ass to carry one with you, but it’s semi-compact and not too horrible. (Before you even try to recommend it, I’ve tried collapsible travel potty seats. They are awful– unstable and unsafe. We will not be doing that again.)

This is what I consider a potty chair:

The child deposits its deposit in a plastic bucket. You empty said bucket into the real potty. It can be pretty gross and it’s not exactly something that’s easy to take with you.

That exact potty chair was the only place Rose felt was acceptable to receive her pee and poop. For the first few weeks, when we went out I had to carry this potty chair in the back of our van. She peed in several parking lots. My husband was absolutely horrified by this, but really, if you can’t carry a huge potty chair like that with you. If a newly potty trained kid says they have to go and you are lucky enough to make it out of the store and to the car to get the potty chair, you probably don’t have enough time to take the potty chair inside for the pottying.

It was really really inconvenient and gross. We dumped pee in the grass near several parking lots and begged and begged Rose to consider sitting on a real potty.

She wouldn’t do it. Every time we tried to get her to try it at home with a stepstool, potty seat and our hands to make sure she wouldn’t fall in, she’d start crying that she was too scared and “The potty is too afraid. That’s afraid.”

Her WONDERFUL preschool teacher was willing to let her bring her little potty chair to school to see if it helped with the transition. She told me she didn’t think it would take Rose long before she’d sit on a real potty. Preschool peer pressure is a wonderful thing.

Preschool peer pressure did nothing to rid us of our first potty bag, so I was skeptical of it solving the potty chair issue.

It took TWO days.


Preschool peer pressure is the best.

Rose doesn’t use a potty chair anymore. Since the second day of school, she has been peeing on the real potty on a potty seat!

She’s still too scared to try hanging on to public potties without a potty seat. I am carrying a potty bag again, but this time the potty seat bag is actually a relief. I never thought I’d be happy to be a bag lady again. Thank goodness we don’t have a potty chair in our car anymore!



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3 Responses to The Bag Lady Returns

  1. maybe with violet, you just start her right out on the potty seat instead of the chair?

    • I started Lily out that way and TRIED to start Rose that way, but she claimed she was too scared and that she should use the potty chair. We bought a potty chair that made special music when you peed. She NEVER used it. Not once. It’s been in our bathroom as a stepstool for the kids to wash their hands ever since. Rose insisted this potty chair was the only place for her and refused to even try the big potty, even after we bought her a special potty seat with Cinderella on it.

    • I tried to start Rose out that way, but she insisted the chair was for her because it was shaped like a throne. Oops!

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