50% Success

Sometimes I attempt to do craft projects with the kids so that we can bond and do art together. But the “sometimes” part of crafts has been few and far between these days considering my recent painful pregnancy and somewhat new cranky baby. When we got the pumpkins, I decided we were going to either paint or sticker them together. I went to the store and bought us some foam face stickers to put on the pumpkins with the intention of putting together pumpkin faces with the girls.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Lily was jumping out of her skin with excitement about the foam stickers, so I opened them as soon as she and Rose got home from preschool. No sooner had I opened the package than Violet started wailing. She was about due for a feeding. Oops. So I fed Violet on the couch like I usually do.

About 10 minutes later, I turned around to take a look at the pumpkins and this had happened.

So much for me doing a project with the girls! They did the project themselves. I consider this a 50% success because the girls enjoyed the craft project even if I didn’t do it with them or even witness them doing it! It’s the thought that counts?


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