Another Rare Moment of Crafting

I don’t craft much, and yet in the last month I’ve posted about my gallery wall project and a Rice Krispie Barbie dress cake. What’s the deal with the crafts lately, self? Will I suddenly be a pinterest-worthy individual?

Doubtful. Birthdays just bring it out of me.

Every year, I make the girls shirts with their names, ages and sister status (big, little, middle, baby, whatever) on them with iron-ons. Last year, Rose pretty much ignored hers because it wasn’t a blue dress, but Lily gets a kick out of hers and was anxious for Rose to turn 3 so they could wear their new name/age/sister status shirts together. Of course, they don’t go by their real first names on this blog and I have poor Photoshop skills, so you get this wonky illustration of what the shirts look like.

I love that the numbers make them kind of resemble team jerseys. I’ve been meaning to make myself one, but I kind of don’t want my age on my chest at this point.

The girls picked out their own shirts this time. When we got home, I realized Lily’s shirt wouldn’t show the letters well because the shirt and the iron-ons are practically the same color. Lily wouldn’t listen to me about it and insisted that she wanted the dark pink shirt AND the dark pink letters! So, we’re going to have a whole year here where you can’t tell what Lily’s shirt says. I spent $10 and an hour custom-making a shirt you can barely read! Oh, well. It makes her happy.

Meanwhile, we have this new kid here who couldn’t be left out of the tradition even though she is not yet a whole year old. What do you do in that situation?

My girl is zero!

Nothing makes me happier than looking at the backs of the shirts… or at least nothing would make me happier if you could actually READ Lily’s shirt.

Lily’s shirt says “Big Sister”.

These shirts were pretty cute last year, but three kids in matching shirts is a definite improvement. I highly recommend three girls over two girls to everyone.


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