Cinderella’s Carriage

Let’s talk about pumpkin carving and how much it sucks.

I’m a fairly artistic person. When I was in high school, my art teacher encouraged me to major in art in college. While I haven’t done anything serious in art in, oh, 15 years, I still have some capabilities when it comes to making things look nice. I think. I hope. Usually when I attempt an art project, it comes out fairly ok.

Unless it’s a pumpkin. I can’t carve a pretty pumpkin to save my life. How to people do this? I’m ok at sculpting. I once carved a pretty decent bear out of some sort of stone. If you hand me a pumpkin, though, I can barely get decent triangles out for the eyes. Pumpkins, knives and I just don’t get along.

So when my aunt sent me this pinterest of Cinderella with her pumpkin carriage, I got excited.

Embellish 3 rectangle cut outs on a pumpkin? That I can do.

We still need some mini-pumpkins for the wheels and lack the materials/are too cheap to completely duplicate the pinterest pumpkin, but I have two happy little girls over here who LOVE to play with Cinderella in her pumpkin house.


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