Cinderella’s Stalker

Somebody was pretty interested with the Cinderella castle my mom got Rose for her birthday (Tomorrow! Three! OMG!). My mom said that right after she assembled the castle, Merlin the cat came to investigate.

Merlin may be the reason that Rose now thinks she’s a cat. Lily certainly wishes we had a cat, but unfortunately Dr. Toy Warden and I are very allergic to cats and I have asthma to boot, so no cats will be living here. Dogs? Sure. Cats? No. It’s quite a tragedy considering Rose thinks she’s a cat.

Maybe Rose wants to be a cat because cats clearly love Cinderella, just like she does.

It probably would have been easier to play with the dolls if Merlin had had the presence of mind to come to the other side of the dollhouse.

Anastasia and Drusilla seem quite shocked that a giant cat is invading their home. Actually, this isn’t their home. These bitches don’t deserve to live in the castle. What are they doing there? Are they at the ball? But it doesn’t seem to be the ball? Hmmm…

Whatever the case, there are more pictures of the cat playing with this castle than the girls. A cat playing dolls is way more funny than girls playing with dolls. I think Merlin the cat may have been inspired by this classic “Sesame Street” clip.

How big was that dollhouse?!


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