My husband came home 15 minutes after the Vice Presidential Debate started so I DVRed it for us to watch together when we got home. We were watching it together and as Biden started his closing statements, our DVR program stopped. We’d reached the end of the recording and were 15 minutes behind the regular broadcast.

“It’s ok!” said my husband. “We can just rewind on the channel.”

I switched to the regular station and to my horror we were on Lifetime watching “Dance Moms”.

“We missed the end of the Vice Presidential Debate so you could watch ‘Dance Moms’?! I can’t believe you!” he said.

I don’t really watch “Dance Moms”. Actually, what happened was I was recording the debate on one channel and “Project Runway” on the other. When “Project Runway” came on, my cable box automatically switched channels over to the station with the newest recording.

So we missed the end of the debate because I had to watch “Project Runway”.

Still pretty bad, but way more excusable than “Dance Moms”.


I think we’ll survive. We were watching more to make sure our candidate did a good job. I can’t imagine a scenario where our vote would change in this election. Still, my “Project Runway” obsession totally screwed us over tonight.




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