Little Blue Dresses

Cinderella is the best when you are a 3 year old half-Korean kid. Cinderella is so great that Rose wants to be her and thinks that by wearing a blue dress every day she is actively being Cinderella or at least paying tribute to her.

We have four Cinderella costumes. Doesn't everyone?

Six months ago she was having so many tantrums about getting dressed in any outfit that wasn’t blue that I went out and bought her a new blue wardrobe for summer. Sure, there were dozens of hand-me-down outfits in a rainbow of colors from her big sister, but all of those outfits got shoved to the back of the closet. She never wore them. At the time, I assumed this was her ploy to wear new clothes instead of her big sister’s leftovers.

I was scared at the time that she might switch colors on me, but nope. Every time we go to the closet she insists that she should wear another blue dress. Occasionally I can con her into wearing a different colored dress or (shocking) pants, but most days it has to be blue. We also can get away with a patterned dress as long as there’s blue somewhere in the pattern, but blue MUST be in the outfit. It MUST! Only dorks wear things that aren’t blue.

Apparently there are a lot of dorky 3 year olds out there because it’s hard to compile a completely blue wardrobe, especially when each item must be a blue dress, or this winter a LONG-SLEEVED blue dress. I contemplated putting long-sleeved shirts under each and every summer blue dress, but it turns out that long-sleeved white shirts cost almost as much as long sleeved blue dresses. Ridiculous and annoying. A second blue dress wardrobe was in order this winter.

Do you have any idea how ridiculously hard it is to hunt down 14ish long-sleeved blue dresses in 4T or 4-5 for less than $10 each? It is no easy feat. Even with the internet, I feel like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack. Prior to the blue dress obsession I was able to get the kids wardrobes that were almost 100% used in one to two trips to Once Upon a Child. Not anymore. I’m at no less than 10 stores and multiple websites hunting for blue dresses. I’m bidding on blue dresses on eBay (I’ve only won one so far). I’m hunting at thrift stores. We need blue dresses. I feel like finding affordable blue dresses has become a full time job.

This is what your closet would look like if you were 3 and insisted on wearing only blue dresses.

In case you are wondering or in a similar conundrum, Old Navy has the best selection of inexpensive long-sleeved blue dresses.

Blue nightgowns are also crucial to this Cinderella facade. Not pictured: Blue jackets, shoes, bows and costumes.

Of course, now that the entire blue dress wardrobe has been assembled for this winter, this morning Rose, who is now so involved with pretending to be a cat that the other night she was meowing in her sleep, came to me and said “Cats don’t wear blue dresses. Cats wear brown.”

Only the coolest 3 year olds wear blue every single day.

I almost died, but luckily a picture of a blue cat a friend found on google convinced her that blue is still AOK. In fact, maybe I can convince her that cats wear ALL the colors and we can use the multi-colored wardrobe we already owned again. Seriously, that girl’s closet was bursting BEFORE we started buying blue dresses. This is ridiculous.



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  3. How about getting package or two of Rit dye? That would make lots of blue blouses, dresses, anything you can dunk in it.

    • It’s a great idea, but most of our pre-existing clothes are such bright colors that I don’t think they’d absorb the dye well or turn out the right colors! We’d probably end up with a whole lot of purple!

  4. How hilarious! Here I thought my kid was a little strange because he would go eat only one specific type of food for several weeks at a time. We would cycle through McDonald’s, then Burger King, then Kentucky Fried…ugh!

    At least blue’s not bad for her health. And she DOES look pretty in it.

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