Parking Lot Phenomenon

I don’t know about you, but when I go into Target or the mall or a grocery store, I’m usually inside for more than 15 minutes. I’d bet if you sat in the car in a parking lot of one of these places, none of the cars parked around you would move more than once in 15 minutes… unless you were nursing without a cover.

Every time I’m nursing in the car, the 5 cars surrounding mine come and go at least twice a piece during the 15 minutes I am in the car. I often nurse in the car in public because I feel it’s more private and comfortable than nursing on a bench. I nurse out of the car in public too, but I prefer to do it with a cover to keep things discreet. When I’m able to nurse in the car instead of out in the open, I don’t use a cover because I figure the car is my own private space. If someone looks while I’m in my own car, that’s their own fault (same thing with the rest of public, but I really hate people seeing my boobs so I cover up). Theoretically, not that many people come near your car when you are parked.

Except that the people who have parked near you in a nursing car have a 6th sense that you are nursing. Instead of maybe one or two cars moving in 15 minutes, five cars move twice. That means at least four people per parking space can see into your car while you are nursing– the two cars leaving and the two new cars parking there. Often as many as 20 drivers approach my car while I’m nursing. It’s uncanny.

What are these people doing in Target, the mall and the grocery store for less than 15 minutes? Am I just the slowest shopper on Earth that I’m rarely out that quickly? Seriously, these people walk into Target, stay there no more than 5 minutes, and walk right back out with a purchase. It would probably take me 5 full minutes just to find the product I was looking for if I were going to Target with something specific in mind. How are these people in and out so quickly? And why? Sometimes they have two armloads worth of bags and they were only in there 5 minutes! How are they doing this? It’s a mystery.

Clearly this is happening so I can accidentally flash more people. The one moment where I could use more privacy, everyone in the world swarms my car and shops at lightening speed to make sure they can see more of my nudity.

I seriously need to get some shopping lessons from these people. In and out of the mall in 5 minutes AND with purchases? Please teach me. Or don’t. What are you going to do with the rest of your day if you are in and out so quickly? What fun is that?


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