Lately, my kids have been yelling the word “peanut” and giggling hysterically over it. They’ll inject it randomly into sentences and then find themselves so clever. I couldn’t figure out what was so funny until the other day when Lily informed me they were not allowed to say “peanut” at school.

My girls go to school with four other girls and NINE boys.

I have a feeling my girls aren’t saying “peanut” after all. I mean, yes, THEY are saying “peanut”, but I have the feeling they are imitating the little boys saying “penis” and then giggling hysterically. Only, my girls didn’t hear the difference between “penis” and “peanut”, so they are saying the wrong word.

Because really, there’s no reason they wouldn’t be allowed to say “peanut” at school.

So, my girls have no idea why they are saying “peanut” or why it’s so funny or that what was so funny was a completely different word that wasn’t so funny in the first place– just inappropriate.

Now that’s funny.




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2 Responses to PEANUT!

  1. Emi

    Have they started playing the “peanut” game?

    (whispers) *peanut*

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