Three Drama

Me: Good morning! Happy birthday! Do you know how old you are today?

Rose: I’m two and a half!

Me: No! It’s your birthday today! Today you are 3 years old! Happy birthday!

Rose: No, I’m almost three. I’m two and a half!

Me: You’re not almost three anymore! You ARE three! Today you are 3 years old!

Rose: NO!!!! *bursts into tears*

She was really really upset she was three instead of two. She cried for a very long time. It took a lot of talking to get her to understand that her birthday was a good thing. I think the birthday donut, balloon, presents, trip to Chuck E Cheese and cake may have persuaded her to be excited about being three.

But I guess finding out you are no longer 2 years old is very traumatic. I don’t like finding out I’m another year older either these days, but I’m THIRTY-three. If I were just three, I’d be elated to be a new number. I guess Rose is just wise beyond her years!


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