Time Warp

With every age that Lily turns, I am absolutely flabbergasted that she could possibly be that old already. She turned 5 last month and I was floored that she has been around 5 whole years. It made me feel old.

And yet Rose is turning 3 today and all I can think is “Only 3?” It seems like she is the same age as Lily. I think she should be turning 4. In fact, I think BOTH Lily and Rose should be turning 4. It seems insane to me that there were two whole years when we had just Lily and no Rose. They are such a duo that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Three or four years old today, you be the judge.

To add to the illusion that she’s older, Rose is almost as big as Lily. She only weighs 2 pounds less and isn’t much shorter. She looks like she’s 4 years old to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s taller than Lily was when Lily turned 4. Rose also talks like a 4 year old and puts together more complex role play/doll story lines than Lily does now. She also is in the exact same all-ages preschool class that Lily attends.

And that is why Rose’s age confuses me. Allegedly she turns 3 today, but in my mind she seems one year older… though if you’d asked me 7 months ago how old Rose was, I’d have no problem answering “Two! And terrible at that!” It’s amazing what 7 months does to a 2 year old.

Happy 3rd or 4th birthday, Rose!


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