On Pants

Every children’s museum gift shop needs to equip itself with the following items:
*emergency diapers in size 3 (most versatile diaper size EVER)
*pants in at least sizes 2T through 4T with a museum logo
*size 3T or 4T underwear

I’m guessing I don’t need to explain why this should be, but today our children’s museum had NONE of those items. There were shirts that could pass as dresses on a toddler, but no pants. Actually the rest of the items I listed we could live without, what we really needed were the pants, but all four of the above items could come in handy at a children’s museum I’m guessing on a daily basis.

She started the museum trip appropriately dressed for winter, but it didn’t last.

Today Rose’s public toilet phobia got the better of her. She peed all over herself and the play grocery store at the children’s museum. I have an extra pair of underwear in the car, but our car had been valet parked. It would cost me $7 and two tips to get to that pair of underwear. I refused to leave the museum at that point because I’d paid about $25 to get us in and we’d only been there about 45 minutes. We drove almost that long to even get there! I was not leaving until we got our money’s worth! I don’t care how miserable everyone was, we were getting $25 worth of museum fun out of our trip!

Luckily she was wearing a dress, and the dress was relatively dry after her accident. However, the dress was pretty short and she’s prone to lifting it up because she’s 3 years old and has zero modesty. The girl couldn’t be walking around commando because she’d surely flash half the museum.

Where did Rose’s pants go?

Just yesterday I switched little Violet up to size 3 diapers. Thank goodness I put them in my diaper bag this morning. They just barely stretch enough to cover Rose’s girl parts. She thought it was hilarious. We rushed down to the gift shop to see if we could get some pants, but no. The shop did not sell pants. They sold t-shirts, but not pants.

I’m guessing based on the average age of their weekday child-aged clientele, that museum could easily sell at least one pair of emergency pants per day. Considering how much museum gift shops seem to mark up their merchandise, they could be making a pretty penny on these emergency pants AND get some advertising out of these kids running around with a museum logo on their butts.

The pants wouldn’t be labeled as “emergency pants” but as “museum apparel”. I mean, t-shirts are great, but what I (and probably many, many other moms) need in that gift shop are pants! If Rose had been wearing a shirt and pants when she had her accident, we’d have to leave that minute. I’m sure there are a lot of moms out there who have emergency diaper/wipe situations going on too. Establishments catering to kids should probably have these things around.

But they don’t. I wonder how much money they lose on a daily basis over this issue? Not only do they lose money on the pants they could have sold, but they lose money on the moms who have to leave with their wet kids instead of sticking around to buy lunch at the museum. So they lose pants AND lunch money.

Get some pants in the gift shop, museums!


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