Preschool Vote

Me: The election is tomorrow and all of the grown ups are going to vote to decide who is going to be president for another four years. Some people are voting for Obama and some people are voting Mitt Romney. Romney wants to be president. Obama wants to stay president.

Lily: You mean Barack?

Me: Yes.

Rose: Barack lives in Ohio! He is at our school! (There’s a picture of him at her school.)

Lily: Barack has a wife named Michelle and two little girls. He has a dog named Bo. Whenever someone says “Bo” at school, everyone laughs and laughs!

Me: Well, some people think Obama should stay president. Other people want Mitt Romney to be president. Our votes will decide if Obama gets to stay president or if Mitt Romney will be the new president.

Lily: I want Barack to stay president.

Me: Why?

Lily: I just like the name Barack. I want him to stay president. I want Bo to live at the White House.

Rose: I want Barack to be president too! He likes blue! He lives in Ohio!

Me: Actually, he lives in Washington DC, but he’s from Chicago, which is where your grandpa used to live.

Rose: No, he lives in Ohio. That’s why he needs to be president. He likes blue and I like blue.

My preschool-aged kids may be more informed than most undecided Ohio voters.



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2 Responses to Preschool Vote

  1. Anne

    Can’t blame your girls for thinking he lives in Ohio, they see him in school on the wall and on TV everyday ;)

    But your girls rock. This just shows it a little more!

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