Thankful Turkey

Last year, Lily’s preschool had a thankful turkey. Each preschooler wrote something they were thankful for onto a construction paper feather to create a tail.

Last year, most of the kids said something sentimental they SHOULD be thankful for, like their mothers, siblings, pets, friends and houses. Lily said she was thankful for markers.

She REALLY likes markers.

This year I was really excited to see the thankful turkey again to see what Lily AND Rose were thankful for. They now go to the same preschool and are in the same classroom. This year, most of the other kids weren’t as sentimental and worldly as last year’s class. There was a “I am thankful that my mom loves me” and “I am thankful for everyone in the whole world”, but the majority of the thanks were for toys and movies.

So I didn’t feel as bad or giggly when I saw that Lily is again indirectly thankful for markers. This year, she is thankful for COLORING.

And my little blue dress demon is thankful for Cinderella. In case we forgot.

So to keep score, markers, coloring and Cinderella rank above me, their father, their sisters, their house, their toys and their dog in terms of what they are most thankful for. I feel so loved!

In case I don’t get back here before the holiday, happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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