Toy WTF: Disney Princess Dolls

A few weeks before Lily’s birthday, we got her the Ultimate Princess Collection from Target. For $65ish, you get seven Barbie-sized princesses. I was especially excited because the set included Jasmine. Jasmine is often hard to find in stores. She gets the snub in the princess department and I really don’t know why. She’s one of my favorites. You also can’t usually find Mulan or Pocahontas unless you are at the Disney store.

Do you sense a theme here? There are plenty of Belles and Cinderellas and Snow Whites and Ariels to go around. Everybody likes a white princess. American Indian, Chinese and Arab princesses? They clearly don’t belong in Walmart or Target, as far as I can tell.

If you think I’m exaggerating this, watch what happened to the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection one week later.

Pay careful attention who got booted for the newbie, Merida, another white girl.

That’s right, Jasmine was kicked to the curb. The box that once contained five white princesses, an Arabic princess and an African American princess now contains SIX white princesses and an African American princess. Instead of getting rid of the princess who sucks the most (Snow White), they booted Jasmine, who is way more current and also brings diversity to the table.

WTF, Target and Disney? I mean, yes, you chose Jasmine over Aurora in the previous Ultimate Princess Collection, but then you boot Jasmine for Merida? Where’s Mulan? Where’s Pocahontas? How many white princesses do my girls need in a box? I mean, it took years to even get a hint of diversity in Disney princess films, but then you take it away in the merchandising? Really?

Is it really that hard to sell Mulan, Pocahontas and Jasmine dolls along with all the other dolls in most mainstream stores like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us? I can’t imagine my girls are the only ones who want these dolls in their collection. It makes me sad to think other girls only want the white princesses to the extent that you can’t even find the princesses of color unless you specifically hunt them down on the internet or a Disney store.



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10 Responses to Toy WTF: Disney Princess Dolls

  1. Pocahontas doesn’t get sold a lot because Native American’s and descendants aren’t happy with Disney taking over her image and have a very complicated agreement with Disney that limits what they can do with her, and how much they can make off of her.

    It is rumored that China also got upset about Mulan and has something similar with her character.

    As for Jasmine, yeah she shouldn’t have been booted. But Jasmine does kind of suck as a princess, the girl dresses like a prostitute, and Snow White is the classical first.

  2. unknown

    I hate that google redirected me to this blog when I was searching to purchase the Disney princess set. I did not realize people waisted such time venting about the stupidest stuff when there are so many more important things going on in the world. Get a life and stop worrying about what Disney does.

    • I have no control over where Google sends you. It has to do with how many hits I get. Apparently enough people cared about what Disney does and what I had to say about it for my post to even register with the search engine.

      I find it ironic that you wasted enough time to read the post and then write a comment if you think my writing this was a waste of time. It’s pretty apparent that this is a blog and not a store website.

  3. Traci Klein

    I’m tired of the whining on these topics… I am anything but a white girl, I can give my American Indian heritage going back generations… really, this is low on my list of concerns. Other than being concerned about why it is that everyone has to be so offended by everything, all the time.

  4. This is absolutely TRUE!!! I noticed the lack of Jasmine dolls myself so whenever Walmart DID have her, I snatched her off of the shelf. I now have 3 Jasmine dolls in my collection. One of which came from The Disney Store.

  5. So not true!!!Princess Tiana is in all stores and she is not white.Maybe it is what the child’s decision is for their favorite movie that distinguishes the most popular dolls sold.

    • Tiana is the shining exception to the rule. She is the ONLY princess of color you can regularly find in stores. Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas just aren’t there.

      If it is a popularity contest for the dolls, ask yourself why the white dolls are the popular ones. It’s not a coincidence that this is what is sold.

  6. This is why the world will never change because of these kind of comments.darned if you do .Darned if you don’t . Nothing will ever get better without everyone pitching in.

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