Black Crayons Forever

Since my whine about there never being enough crayons, I’ve learned that they actually DO sell just one color of crayon. You can buy bulk packs of just one color of crayon!

You can buy one of these bad boys in the basic colors on Amazon or Ebay for about $5. It’s a little bit of an inflated price for only 12 crayons, BUT to get 12 black (or red or blue or green) crayons otherwise, you’d probably have to buy 12 $1 boxes of crayons– so $12 worth of crayons. Sure, you’d get more colors, but BLACK. PEOPLE NEED MORE BLACK! Five dollars for 12 black crayons may well be worth the price!

I haven’t ordered a box yet, but I probably will soon. I’m just so excited that it even exists that I’m sharing the news with the world. You CAN have more black crayons and YOU can have more black crayons! Let’s all have more black crayons!


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