Pee Patrol Woof Woof

Last night out of nowhere, Lily announced that she wanted to wear underwear to bed. She was really confident that even though she’s never ever ever woken up dry in a pull-up, she would wake up dry if she wore underwear. She’s 5 years old and is overdue to learn how to stay dry at night, so we let her go to bed in just her underwear.

She peed the bed, of course. Luckily I’d put MY waterproof mattress pad on her bed. Stupidly, I hadn’t bought one for her yet. She’s never had a diaper leak and showed no sign of being ready to get rid of pull-ups, so I never got around to it. Not so luckily, Woof Woof got pee on her. We had taken all of the stuffed animals out of Lily’s bed, but she would not bargain about Woof Woof. Woof Woof HAS to sleep with her.

Woof Woof still vaguely smells of pee tonight and I’m going to odor eliminate the hell out of her tomorrow, but tonight she needed further protection from possible pee. As did Lily’s bed. I spent $50 in sheet and mattress protection products and sheets today. I keep telling myself that it’s as much as a month’s worth of diapers we’d no longer have to be buying if she stayed dry at night, but it was still $50 extra the week of Hanukkah. Potty training continues being stupid and costly 3.5 years after I started trying to get this girl on the potty.

We thought about putting Woof Woof in a plastic bag, but that seemed like it could suffocate Lily. Then I thought about putting Woof Woof in a diaper, but that didn’t seem to cover enough ground. In the end, my husband had a brilliant idea. If a space suit could protect Woof Woof in outer space, surely it could protect her from a little pee.

We won’t know until morning how well this suit protects Woof Woof, but it’s pretty well padded and has a vinyl feel to it, so we’re hopeful!

Whether exploring other galaxies or protecting yourself from pee, you can never go wrong in a Buzz Lightyear costume.



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  1. deafgimp

    Hopefully she gets night trained sooner than later! I have friends whose kids didn’t get night trained until they were over 7 years old. It had nothing to do with the efforts of the parents, the kids just weren’t physically able to do it until then. Another friend had an overnight party for her daughter who was 6 and she was worried about her child being in pullups and the others not, and possibly making fun of her child. Turns out every single child was still in pull ups at night. You’re definitely not alone in this!

    • I think it’s going to be a while. Like a LONG while. She’s just not waking up, even when she gets super wet. We’re letting her stay in underwear because she’s SO determined, but man it’s been a hassle.

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