Popcorn Ring

Well, that was a lighter December in terms of blogging than what I was planning. I didn’t mean to put the blog on the back burner during the holidays, but it happened. Little Violet has been waking up for the day at 4 or 5 in the morning these days and it’s really taking it out of me! Now that all the travel is behind us, I plan on getting things back to the usual.

It turns out Rose really was false confessing to the crime of stealing or hiding my wedding ring. Probably. Maybe.

Cheesy sentimental photo of my wedding set. I still had the engagement ring. The band closest to my wrist was missing.

Friday night 5-year-old Lily was pestering me for popcorn. We usually make it at night and have been avoiding it because popcorn makes her thirsty. We’ve been trying to cut down her evening drinks in hopes that she is dry overnight in time for prom. It hasn’t been going well anyway, so we didn’t bother on the road or since we got back. I said ok to nighttime popcorn (and her pull-up was SUPER wet in the morning). It had been at least 3 weeks since I made the girls popcorn.

The girls always divide the popcorn into two red mixing bowls. I keep these bowls in an upper cabinet. I have to stand on my tiptoes to reach them. I got them down and brought them over to the breakfast bar where we keep our hot air popper out ALL THE TIME because we usually make popcorn so often that it’s stupid to put it away. I pulled the bowls apart and suddenly I hear a “PLOP!”

I looked down at the floor and there it was! My missing wedding ring! It had spent three weeks in a mixing bowl just waiting for us to make popcorn or cookies again.

I mean, OBVIOUSLY I should have looked in the mixing bowls we keep above our heads. Clearly that’s where a ring I left on the counter would end up.

I don’t know how my ring got in there. Maybe Rose put it there? Maybe it got stuck to the bottom of the bowl while the bowl was drying on the counter? Maybe during our frantic rush to find the ring it flew up in the air and landed in a mixing bowl? I don’t know.

I do know we paid a hefty price to get that ring back. In the 24 hours prior to my ring showing up, the furnace AND above-range microwave both broke. After that, my house felt we’d paid enough and it coughed my wedding ring back up. Thank goodness. Thank popcorn. I’ll never leave my wedding ring on the counter again. Until the next time this happens. ;)

If it weren’t for nighttime potty-training, I would have made popcorn three weeks ago and not spent the last three weeks alternately mourning my wedding ring and swooning over potential new ones. Potty-training hurts everyone.


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