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Please check out my friend’s petition for Cibu International to change the names of its so-called Asian-inspired hair products. My friend has been in talks with Cibu to change some of its product names, which include “Miso Knotty Detangler” (“Me so naughty”), “Geishalicious Shampoo” and “Dry Kwon Do Dry Shampoo”, among others.

After contact from my friend, Cibu said it may change “Geishalicious”, but denies any play on words with the name “Miso Knotty” despite having wrapping paper that says “Miso Knotty, Miso Nice”. In my opinion, “Miso Knotty” is the most offensive name in the line. It uses racist stereotypes of how Asians speak English to allude to Asian prostitution. Please check out what my friend has to say about it in the petition as she is far more eloquent than I am on the topic.

While I think companies should be allowed to name their products whatever they want, these names really cross a line of decency. There are plenty of appropriate ways to give a product a witty name or even an ethnic name, but that did not happen here. I hope if enough voices come forward Cibu will reconsider some of its product names.


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  1. barney

    I think that is a perfectly reasonably petition. While doing that word playing thing with estereotypical accents is a very common marketing strategy, they often cross the line into insulting territory. And this thing is pretty insulting (well, those you exposed, at least; I didn’t quite understand some of the others in the petition). Black humor, they might even say, but black humor doesn’t have a place in hair products, and anyways black humor is often the alibi to downright racist, xenophobous, sexist or otherwise insulting jokes.
    Anyways, as said, I’ll take a look at that petition.

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