Going to Daycare

When Lily saw the latest shipping box sent to our house, she immediately knew it had so much more potential than just a container for our new bedroom curtains. It’s no secret that kids love to play with boxes, but I was still surprised when she decided this box was her new “Toy Story” toy.

Yes, apparently a box can be part of the “Toy Story” cast. Remember when the toys escape the garbage truck at the beginning of “Toy Story 3″ and then climb into the box in Mom’s car to donate themselves to daycare? That’s our curtain box’s role now. It’s also the box Andy uses to deliver the toys to Molly’s house at the end of the movie.

This means that my house has been transformed into Toy Story zones. The playroom is Andy’s house; the living room is Sunnyside Daycare and the hallway is Molly’s house. The toys get transported from place to place in the box over and over again. Molly’s house in the hall has to be the most annoying location because you can’t get to the bathroom or out of the house without stepping on a Toy Story toy.

Who needs to get to the car or the bathroom anyway?

Since our living room became Sunnyside Daycare, Lotso, Barbie and Ken just stay here almost all the time. I thought things were messy when the Toy Story friends lived solely in the playroom. Now they are everywhere! The girls haven’t designated any part of our house as the dump in their “Toy Story 3″ reenactment, but the game sure helps in making the whole house look like one!


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