Old Decrepit Lady

Yesterday I was reading “Ramona The Brave” to Lily and Rose when I suddenly came across a passage that made me feel older than dirt. My husband is eight and a half years older than me and started laughing when he heard me read it. If you are over 30, be prepared to feel old:

“I’m going to get you!” He (Mr. Quimby) could run fast for a man who was thirty-three years old, but Ramona always caught him and threw her arms around him.

That’s right, Ramona was surprised at how spry her decrepit 33 year old father could run because 33 was so ancient!

I’m 33.

It just goes to show how different your perspective is as you grow up. I’m sure when I read this book as a kid, I thought exactly what Ramona thought– that her dad was fast for such an old man. People over 30 seemed so OLD when I was a little kid.

Now I’m the exact same age as Ramona’s father and it just makes me laugh to think that Ramona is implying that I am too old to chase my kids around.


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