Quotes of the Weekend

Lily: Martin Luther King Junior’s daddy was also named Martin Luther King Junior!

Lily: Martin Luther King Junior was planted in Georgia.

We asked her what she meant by “planted”. Apparently she meant buried. We like the idea of planting a person better. It implies that something wonderful can grow from that spot.

Rose, on the phone with me from my parents’ house: Poppy isn’t angry! Poppy is nice!

She said it like it was a huge revelation that my dad is nice. He has never been angry at her before and my parents assure me that they hadn’t had a fight in front of her so we have no idea where this came from!

Lily: I really missed Violet while we were gone!

Rose: And I really missed my Cinderella dolls.

Rose: Do, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun. Re, a name I call myself!


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