Being a Good Sheep

It’s the Super Bowl tonight. I hate football, but my husband is a pretty big fan in non-conventional ways. He seems to prefer watching sports commentary to watching actual games. He has no favorite team but follows pretty much everything. He follows sports because he is interested in what sports show us about societal views of race and power. He keeps track of things like black NFL coaches and quarterbacks (they are rarer than you’d think) and Asian players of any professional sport and how their success is portrayed by the media.

Despite the fact that he follows football year round, my husband boycotts the Super Bowl. He says only sheep watch the Super Bowl. He gets angry because people who don’t watch football at all the rest of the year act like football is super important for one night a year. He won’t be a part of it, which is fine with me because like I said, I hate football. I wish we could as passionately not watch football the rest of the year as we do tonight.

Anyway, after declaring we were not going to be the type of sheep that watch the Super Bowl, my husband announced we WERE going to be the type of sheep that get pizza on Super Bowl Sunday.

I was excited. We don’t order pizza very often. All weekend long I’ve been looking forward to this pizza.

So imagine my surprise when we were at the grocery store today and my husband walks into the frozen pizza aisle and asks me which one I want to get for tonight.

I don’t think sheep eat frozen pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m pretty sure that sheep order in pizza. I assumed when it was announced we were going to be having pizza that we would be having pizza from a restaurant.

Frozen pizza! On Super Bowl Sunday! The very idea!

I mean who says “And we’re going to have pizza!” with excitement and means frozen pizza? How disappointed would you be if someone was all “tomorrow we’re having pizza!” and then they pulled out a Red Baron?

It’s just not right!

Needless to say, I made sure we were real sheep tonight and we ordered the pizza from the GOOD pizza place– the local one that specializes in stuffed breadsticks and white sauce pizzas.

It was delicious and the perfect way to celebrate my not having to watch or hear football again for a while. Except for the stupid NFL draft. And stupid NFL Network. And stupid commentary on ESPN that seems to focus on football no matter what else is happening in the world of sports.

Actually football never stops, even when there is no actual football happening.

He would say the same thing about the “Friends” reruns I like to watch.


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