It’s 3 am I must be lonely

There is a war on sleep at our house this week. Nobody wants me to sleep. NOBODY. Everybody has a reason why I should wake up at 3 am FOR THE DAY. It’s a conspiracy and I’m convinced that I may never sleep again.

I forget what happened Saturday and Sunday, but I’m fairly certain that the kids did stuff that led to me not getting a ton of sleep then. All the stuff happened at 3 am. That’s when all stuff has to happen. A night can’t go by this week without my having the privilege of seeing the clock say 3:30 am. The last few nights were particularly evil. Are my children evil? Why this streak of bad luck? Why? They usually sleep so well.

The worst of it started early Monday morning and was partially my fault. I stayed up too late and then had trouble falling asleep because my allergies and old lady shoulders were both being stupid. Anyway, I fell asleep at 1 am, which could have given me 5-6 hours of sleep in a perfect world. Naturally the baby woke up for a half hour at 2 am. She never wakes up at night, so she of course chooses the best night ever to do it. Why not do it on a night when I go to bed at 10 or 11? That would just be silly.

In my experience, men are deaf to children at night. I have a lot of mom friends who agree. I’m usually the only person who hears children wake up in this house. I usually have to beat up my husband to wake him up if I need him to take over. So imagine my surprise when at 3 am I woke up to find him already tending to Lily’s lower GI disaster. I must have been completely out of it when she came in our room for help.

Since I can catch naps during the day and my husband is usually out of the house for work before 7 am, I took over with Lily even though I’d only had 1.5 non-consecutive hours of sleep. I was with her from 3-6 am as she went back and forth to the bathroom. I cat napped on the couch while she watched movies.

Of course, the second she went back to bed the baby woke up for the day.

Three’o'clock Tuesday morning had me up with teething baby. At the same time the baby woke up, Lily, whose tummy was back to normal, woke up with a bloody nose. My husband came to the rescue because I was already dealing with the baby. Dr. Toy Warden has been doing a ton of clean-up this week and is totally my hero (but he has gotten a lot more sleep than I have).

I actually got some consecutive hours of sleep in my bed after that, but woke up to Rose throwing up and another fun-filled day tied to the house. THANKS, KIDS.

I stayed up too late again that night. How? Why? Stupid. I assumed we were back on track because Rose had been cheerful and bright most of the day.


Three am again. Why is it always 3 am? WHY? She threw up all over her bed (and saintly Dr. Toy Warden cleaned it up while I cleaned HER up). I spent the rest of the night AND day with her watching movies and never got to go back to bed. The baby again got up at 6. I got less than 3 hours of sleep. Again.

Why? Why does it always all have to happen in one week? Why can’t it just be ONE 3 am night? Why does it have to be three or four in a row? I know we are usually very lucky with sleep considering we have three small children, one of which is an infant, but STILL. It’s totally unfair.

And with that, I should go to bed before someone throws up, has a bloody nose, gets hungry or has diarrhea at 3 am again. I have high hopes that our bout of GI issues has ended, but there are still three people in this house who haven’t been sick yet. Doom.


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