My Two Dogs

In a lot of ways, having a crawling baby is like having a dog. Violet chews on things she shouldn’t, gets into the trash and spends most of her time looking out the window at absolutely nothing. Often I find her and our real dog, Lumpy, side by side contemplating the same things. What is happening in the backyard? Nothing? Are you sure? Let’s stare some more just in case the wind makes a swing move!

Yesterday Violet was hanging out happily with Lumpy when I realized she was chewing on a rawhide.

The camera was right next to me, so I took a picture before I went to take it away. Before I could even get up from taking this picture, Lumpy took the rawhide right out of her mouth!

This was especially funny because Lumpy only cares about rawhide if another dog is eating it. We give it to him periodically and he will half-heartedly chew on the same piece for days. He doesn’t chow it down like some other dogs UNLESS another dog is in the vicinity. Then he doesn’t want to share. When the baby threatened his rawhide, he had to get to protect his property by eating it right up! He’ll play this rawhide game with any dog that’s around, why not the dog-like crawling baby?

After the dog took the rawhide from her, Violet repeatedly tried to get it back. Lumpy would let her take it right out of his paws or mouth and I would swoop in to take it back. I threw the bone behind the baby gate several times to end this insane cycle, but Lumpy somehow kept sneaking to the other side of the house and bringing the rawhide back to where he and the baby had been sitting.

I not only have two dogs/crawling babies. I have two dogs/crawling babies who are plotting against me together!


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