Nothing but Trouble

What is it about off-limit areas that is so attractive to babies? Violet has been on the move for a while, but this past week she finally graduated from creeping to crawling. Now that she can get places faster, she is determined to go places she doesn’t belong.

We have a gazillion baby toys set up for her in the living room, yet every time we put her down she heads to the kitchen.

I don’t know why she wants to be in there so badly. The tile has to be rough on her knees. I’m behind on mopping, so it’s not exactly the cleanest crawling area. There are no toys in there. Yet the kitchen is so much more desirable than the living room. I mean, there’s dog water to splash AND a sliding glass door to stare out. Who needs a trillion brightly colored plastic toys when you can go in the wonderland that is our dirty barren kitchen?

What’s frustrating is that there’s no way to stop her. We have at least a 10 foot open gap between the living room and the kitchen, so a baby gate isn’t going to work. We’ll all be sitting in the living room and she takes off. It doesn’t matter if you are actively playing with her. To the kitchen it is!

I wish I loved anything as much as she loved crawling to the kitchen and making us all chase her and bring her back. God, you forget how much serious work babies are even when you HAVE a baby until you have a crawling, solids-eating AND nursing baby in your house. Constant work these days. CONSTANT.



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  1. deafgimlp

    They do sell gates for wide areas like that. You normally see them advertised as pet gates. Here’s a link, many have walk through doors on them. It’s probably not the best priced site but it shows a bunch of different ones on one page:

    • I know options are available, but it seems pretty expensive for the third kid! We’re just going to make do and whine about it rather than pour more money into gates. We’ve already spent at least $200 on gates!

  2. deafgimlp

    And what do you know, they do advertise them towards babies! Just search for wide baby gate, many photos here, no idea if the prices are good:

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