The Birthday Party

My mom had an amazing birthday party this year, only she didn’t get to attend it in person. Her Little People counterpart attended in her place. When Lily and Rose realized it was their grandmother’s birthday, they immediately set up a birthday party with their Little People dolls. I haven’t discussed this in a while, but every single member of our extended family has a Little People counterpart (The pictures in the post I just linked to have disappeared. Trying to figure out what happened and get it fixed.). They all live in strategically placed “houses” (decorated plastic boxes) around the playroom. My mom’s tiny plastic figurine is from a MegaBloks stable set and is forever in her horseback riding habit, which is pretty accurate actually.

All of the Little People came to the birthday party. They mostly stayed segregated by family or type, but they were all there to wish my mom a happy birthday. My mom’s birthday party was attended by all of the Disney princesses and many of the princes. Even our duplicate princess Little People were in attendance. They all sang and danced and ate cake, repeatedly wishing my mother a happy birthday.

I wish tiny plastic princesses came to MY birthday party.


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