The High Pitched Squeak

What is it about playing with dolls that makes everybody’s voice go up an octave? Whenever my kids are making dolls talk, their already high voices go up another octave. I can’t even make out what they are saying because they are speaking at a frequency only dogs can hear.

I don’t know if this came naturally to them, or if it is something I taught them. Whenever I play with a doll, I tend to give that doll a voice that’s not my own and that voice is typically higher than mine to make it more girly even though I’m already a girl. Why do I do this? I don’t know. It just seems like talking that way should make it more apparent that I am not the one talking– the doll is. Is that why they do it?

Rose is particularly persistent about the high-pitched role-playing voice. Her voice hits the ceiling as she makes all the Cinderellas she owns talk about going to the ball. Various princesses all fight with each other in high-pitched voices about whom is going to the ball first. Cinderella usually wins. Or maybe not. It’s really hard to understand her in her make-believe voice even though her regular 3 year old pronunciation is generally very good as long as it’s not time to order grilled cheese (or “goo-wed chee”).

I just wonder where the high-pitched doll voice started. Do I do it because my mother did it with me? Or are all little girls naturally inclined to make their dolls talk even girly than they themselves already do? It’s hard to say, but I hope that one day they get good enough at their doll voices that I can actually make out what’s happening in their doll plotlines.



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  1. Lol, that is so true. I remember the days when I used to play with my own Barbie dolls and I can relate to what you are saying about high-pitched squeak.

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