Mommy Movie

Rose: She was wearing a pink bra.

Me: Who was wearing a pink bra?

Rose: The girl. She was wearing a pink bra.

Me: Where did you see a girl wearing a pink bra?

Rose: In the Mommy Movie. The girl was wearing a pink bra! She lost her shirt!

Uh oh. What was I watching in front of her? What came on the tv when I wasn’t looking? I was horrified that she may have seen something a little sexier than I’d want for her at this age. I would think I would remember my 3 year old watching something “racy” enough to have a shirtless girl in it.

Me: What Mommy Movie was this?

Rose: The one with the exercise. The one with the weights and the jumping.

Phew! I didn’t accidentally expose my child to something R-Rated. She was talking about “Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred”, which I’ve been working out to lately. The girls love to jump around with me while I’m doing the exercises. They love it so much that we had to buy a second set of 1 pound weights so they both could participate fully.

Since it’s a workout video, the girls are wearing sports bras and yoga pants. I hadn’t even thought of it, but yes. Rose is right. The girl did lose her shirt in the process of gaining abs of steel. I’d probably “lose my shirt” too if I looked like that.


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