The Hair Crisis

They had a hair salon role play station at preschool this week. Usually these stations have little effect on our home life, but Cinderella-worshipping, dress-wearing Rose was VERY interested in it. She kept coming home saying she wanted her hair cut and that she wanted it cut “short” like mine.

Rose has thick beautiful dark long hair. It falls a few inches below her shoulders. It’s one of her best features. Every single day I look at her hair with envy. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever been able to accomplish with my own thin, fine, straight brown hair. I firmly believe that kids should be allowed to choose how they dress and do their hair (within reason), but I do NOT want her hair cut right now. I feel like we’ve been working toward getting SOMEONE’S hair to look like this for years. Why destroy perfection? Why?

Not the best picture of Rose, but for some reason my latest pictures don’t do her hair justice. This one shows some of the volume and length I love.

I know hair grows back and I would get her hair cut for her if she really wanted it, but NO! NO!

So I called my mother to complain about this. She was also against cutting Rose’s beautiful hair and plotted with me to figure out a way to convince Rose not to get a haircut. I know I’m the one who has to drive her to the salon and pay for it, but I don’t want to keep her from a haircut if that’s what she truly wants.

My mom said I should point out that Cinderella has long hair. The trouble is, Cinderella doesn’t actually have long hair. Her hair is shoulder-length like mine. When Cinderella is dolled up for the ball, she puts her hair in a bun and it looks even shorter!

First I showed Rose that my hair is getting longer and is almost as long as hers. For most of her life my hair has been chin-length, but now it is just past my shoulders. Rose was slightly swayed in her haircut obsession, but said she still wanted it short. Then I told her Cinderella has long hair.

“No she doesn’t! It’s short when she goes to the ball!” said Rose.

When I told her that Cinderella’s hair was just pulled back for the ball, she was really surprised. I showed her how I could pull up my own hair and make it look short and offered to do the same for her.

And suddenly the girl doesn’t want a haircut.

I almost cut off my daughter’s beautiful hair when all she really wanted was an updo.

Phew. Crisis averted.


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