The Rogue A+

While we were cleaning out our basement, my husband discovered one of my old transcripts and suddenly yelled “You got an A+ in microeconomics?!”

I did. Perhaps the English/history majors were ill-advised.

“Why aren’t YOU handling our finances?”

Then he started mocking me by doing a girly voice saying “I so confused! These big numbers are confusing! I don’t understand!”

“You got an A+ in microeconomics! And an A- in calculus! How confusing could these numbers be?”

I’m sure I could understand our finances if I took the time to examine them, but when I was handling my money before we got married I did a terrible job of it. I didn’t overspend or bounce checks, but I was terrible at paying bills on time, balancing my checkbook and even at depositing my paycheck. Getting an A+ in microeconomics doesn’t mean you will be responsible with your own money. When we got married, my husband was always so on the ball with these things and had invested his money so much better than I had (I kept it ALL in a zero-interest checking account even though I knew better) that I just let him take everything over.

An A+ in microeconomics means nothing if you live life at a C level of responsibility. Go check out my pile of clean, not-put-away laundry to get an idea of what would happen if I was in charge of the bills– they would sit and sit and sit unattended until I suddenly went through an OCD-ish “Let’s get this clean!” moment. Then they would sit again. I know there are computer-automated ways to fix these things, but I would probably not look at the software for weeks at a time, while he checks things constantly.

So yes, the A+ in microeconomics is sitting there giving my husband an excuse to mock me every time I say “I don’t understand what you are showing me,” but trust me our finances are happy I’m not the one handling things (even if it sets back feminism a little).


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