Egg on Her Head

Even though we are Jewish, the Easter Bunny comes to our house. Even though Santa barely paid attention to me growing up, the Easter Bunny always did a great job hiding eggs and bringing candy. I think the bunny came through for us because my mom is such an animal nut. How could she not embrace the most animal of our holiday friends?

Interestingly, the Easter Bunny did NOT come to my husband’s house when he was a kid and he was raised Christian/Catholic (depends on the year). It’s sort of funny to me that I, the Jew, had more Easter traditions and memories than he did growing up!

Anyway, I let the bunny come. After all the hunting was done, Rose made a game with the eggs. She kept pretending the crack an egg open on her and the baby’s head. “I broke an egg on my head! I broke an egg on Violet’s head!”

I do this to her sometimes with my hands. I pretend like a raw egg is oozing over her hair. It was hilarious to see this reenacted with a plastic egg.


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