House of Plague Continues

Rose and I started our first rounds of antibiotics on March 25. It’s now April 23 and while our original infections are gone, we are not well yet. Lily has a nasty case of stomach flu and four out of five of us are STILL on antibiotics for things unrelated to our original diagnoses. Our house is cursed, BUT one amazing good thing has happened.

Lily threw up in a puke basin!

The level of pride I feel over this seemingly unimportant and very gross thing exceeds the moment I realized she was able to read. I mean, I knew she’d be reading soon based on her level of letter/sound knowledge for months/years beforehand, but puking in a basin? No warning! Just Sunday she was still in the Barf-on-the-Floor skill set.

My joy and elation and praise over this skill was larger than any joy and elation and praise I’ve ever given her. I should probably feel guilty about this, but if you’ve ever had to clean up kid barf, you understand why I was SO excited. SO EXCITED. If my kid wasn’t so sick right now, I’d be on a happiness high. There were three separate vomit incidents that I didn’t have to scrub out of my carpet or couch. Three separate vomit events that did not require laundry. It was amazing. This is a goal I’ve had for Lily’s entire life and it is finally here!


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