House of Sick

We’ve had an amazing lucky streak when it comes to health in this household. Do we get sick? Sure, but it’s usually mild colds. My children have only been on antibiotics a combined four times in 5.5 years. Like I said, we’ve been lucky.

Until now.

As payback for all that decent health, we’ve been in bacteria hell the last week. Since last Wednesday our household has experienced a UTI, pink eye, strep throat, an ear infection and more. Until now, only two kids have ever had one ear infection a piece. Our bad luck has absolutely exploded. I have no idea why this is happening RIGHT NOW. My sister is a pediatrician and assures me that all of our infections are caused by different types of bacteria and are unrelated to each other. Chances are we picked them up outside the house, but I still have the urge to either disinfect everything or just plain give up and move to a new house.

What’s sad is that I’ve been working harder at keeping things clean. The girls have a passion for wiping things down, so our level of cleanliness is higher than ever and BOOM 10 zillion bacterial infections. Maybe cleaning more has been a big mistake?

And I have guilt. Since Monday, I’ve been battling a fever as high as 102.6 F. I thought I had an ear infection. Meanwhile, Rose kept complaining about a sore throat. She had what I consider to be a school-safe runny nose, but was playing and happy and fever-free. I sent her to preschool. Then Wednesday I was diagnosed with strep throat and it all came together: Rose has strep and has been walking around passing it out to all of her friends. Sorry, world. I honestly thought she was ok.

When I called her preschool teacher to warn her, the teacher too was shocked. “But she’s seemed great this week!” See, I’m not a complete idiot. I’m just an evil person who infects the whole preschool with strep!

We have been to the doctor six times in the past week. Our streak of good luck is clearly over. Will we ever be healthy again? And seriously, why now? Why everyone? Why so many types of bacteria all of a sudden?

Before bed tonight, Lily said her throat hurt too. My husband remains the only person in this house unscathed by Antibiotics Fest 2013. For now.



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