Nick Jr. Deprivation

We recently made the decision to cut cable and switch entirely to streaming Netflix and HuluPlus. We are also using a digital converter box plus antenna to get network television. Our cable bills were getting insane and most of our shows are available in one form or another for free somewhere.

At first, Lily and Rose were VERY excited about the prospect of Netflix streaming. They watched “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” non-stop during our illnesses and thought it was awesome that I could just pick any episode of most of their shows at any time. We had that a little with our DVR, but the selection was nowhere near as amazing.

It was all going great until the other day Lily came downstairs and said she wanted to watch Nick Jr. I explained that we can watch MOST shows from Nick Jr., but we can’t just turn on Nick Jr. What did she want to watch? She got very very upset.

“You mean, I never get to watch Nick Jr. again?!”

I explained again that there is PLENTY of kids tv available. PLENTY. Probably more than ever. And many of the shows are Nick Jr. We can practically recreate Nick Jr. in our own home with our own programming. However, two of her favorites, “Peppa Pig” and “Team Umizoomi”, are not available as far as I’ve been able to find. If any of you know of a trick to get those streamed to a Roku, let me know. I told her that with the money we save from not having cable, we can get some “Peppa Pig” and “Team Umizoomi” DVDs.

No. This was not acceptable.

“I don’t want DVDs! I want Nick Jr.!”

She ran into the other room to cry, but the tears were soon forgotten when I turned on yet another episode of “My Little Pony” (which is awesome. I’m an adult fan). I’m sure as soon as I bring home a couple “Peppa Pig” and “Team UmiZoomi” DVDs, the mourning period will be completely forgotten.

I am a bit in mourning for “Project Runway” and “Big Bang Theory” on the DVR instead of the computer (first world problems), but having every Star Trek episode of every genre ever available at my fingertips totally softens the blow.



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4 Responses to Nick Jr. Deprivation

  1. I have a good tv streaming download site i can email you… as well as a suggestion.. if you have cable internet say thru comcast… you should be able to access xfinity on demand online through your computer. I have it streaming through my xbox and my kindle.

  2. Maurina

    I too am an adult fan of My Little Pony FIM. It is a very well done show. As a little girl I desperately wanted a MLP toy but never got one. Hooray for fixing childhood hurts via my daughter!

    • It’s way better than the series was even a few years ago. We have a few DVDs of a different incarnation of the show and I hate them! I had a ton of ponies because my mom is a horse nut. It makes me happy to see ponies in the house again.

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