Preschool Graduate

Due to a fall birthday and my being overzealous about getting her out of the house when she stopped napping, Lily just spent as much time in preschool as she will in middle school. Nearly 3 years ago, I sent Lily to preschool and on Thursday she finally “graduated”.
It’s crazy to think that in this amount of time I went from elementary school to high school, yet my child only transitioned from preschool to kindergarten! She spent all three years in the same program, but never seemed to get bored with it and came out knowing MUCH more than when she started.

On Lily’s first day of preschool, I spent the whole three hours feeling lost without her. She’d almost never been away from me. I was also terrified she’d have an accident. She was barely potty trained in time and probably not well potty trained enough to be there, but her teacher was understanding and she somehow made it through that first semester. It wasn’t until that first semester was almost over that her teacher told me that Lily never talked to any of the teachers there! She didn’t really speak at school until the second semester.

Times have changed. Now Lily never shuts up at school, especially when she’s talking to a teacher. She’s a totally different person than the shy, scared not-quite 3 year old I dropped off almost 3 years ago. She can read, write and add. She has a sense of history and understands the community. She has friends. The potty is no longer an issue (though I’m still always on edge about it. Will that ever change?)

This year was particularly special because for the only time in their lives Lily and Rose were in the same classroom. Lily taught Rose how to be a good preschooler and they loved attending class together.

In August, a new chapter begins. Lily will start her formal education at our local public school while Rose continues on at the same preschool without her. Lily’s classes will be less about playing and more about learning.

When did I get an elementary school aged child in my house? Even though Lily was qualified for kindergarten last year and I delayed it, it’s still impossible to believe my little girl is old enough to go to kindergarten. I have vague memories of preschool, but I remember kindergarten well. How did we get here?

And if these three years of preschool flew by this quickly, how soon will elementary school be over? Am I going to wake up tomorrow and have a college graduate?



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  1. congratulations lily!

    on an aside note, as a bus driver, i wish more parents were more aware of their childrens needs as you are. I see too many parents send their child off to preschool or kindergarten when the child is clearly not ready yet, or does not have the ability to succeed… what we end up with is a bus full of “ADHD” immature little ones who are barely out of a carseat, let alone expect them to sit on a bus with no seatbelts.

    on another aside note – i think that kids in kindergarten and under should be put on specialized buses with proper seats/seatbelts for them.

    • Thanks. Some people were really pushing for us to send Lily this year, but I just didn’t feel like it was the right fit for her. I also have a late birthday, but I was sent right when I turned 5 and it was just too early. Hopefully this extra year will give her the confidence she needs to have the social life that always eluded me.

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