Smartest/Stupidest Thing I Ever Bought

I remember making my own mac and cheese at age 8, and yet I have a 5.5 year old here who claims she can’t get her own apple out of the fridge. I’m trying to figure out how to get from “can’t reach to get my own drink” to “making my own mac and cheese” in the next three years. I remember microwaving things for myself at a fairly young age, but our microwave was on the counter back then. My current microwave is above the stove. There’s no way a kid is reaching that for a good many years without a little bit of help.

Since I was sick of everyone asking me for things they couldn’t reach 80 billion times a day, I ordered one of these.

It’s a three-step step stool.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I thought my kids could get their own drinks and help load/unload the dishwasher. How could this plan be bad?

And at first, it did indeed seem like a marvelous purchase. Look what happened the day it arrived.

That’s right, Lily unloaded the dishwasher all by herself (and yes, it was a ginormous mess in my kitchen. What else is new?).

I thought it was a miracle purchase.

It never happened again.

Flash forward to now: Every time I freaking turn around someone is standing on the stool getting a drink. Almost always, they use their newfound independence to get themselves lemonade instead of water without asking me first. Someone is almost always drinking something. Always. No one is unloading or loading the dishwasher, but the pile of kid cups has grown exponentially.

There is no way they are this thirsty. And the lemonade thing is driving me crazy. Lemonade is a sometimes drink, not a 10 times a day drink. And what’s really super annoying is that they never get their own drinks at a useful time, like at meals. They start badgering me for drinks after I serve their food. “Mommy! You forgot my drink!” No, YOU forgot YOUR drink, little miss serves herself lemonade 8 times a day.

They also use the chair to get up in whatever I’m doing on the counter. To an extent, I wanted this, but it seems like all they are doing is getting in the way.

Obviously some rules need to be put into place. I know good things will come from the stool. They have to. But for now, I feel like I made a big mistake. Why do all the solutions I think of to make life easier always have to come with a new set of problems? Oh, children.


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