A Chocolate Story

One of the saddest things about Lily being allergic to cow’s milk is that most candy bars are off limits. You might not think of it, but almost all chocolate contains milk. Lily has never had the joy of biting into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

A couple of years ago, I found a type of organic chocolate bar that was dairy-free. I believe it was this one. Unfortunately for Lily, it was also extremely dark chocolate. I know it brings into question my status as an adult or at least as a woman, but I hate dark chocolate and I’m pretty sure most little kids do too. I’m a milk chocolate girl. Dark chocolate tastes too bitter to me. This particular brand of chocolate bar was the most bitter chocolate I’ve ever tasted. It was almost on par with the bittersweet chocolate used in baking. Whenever I tasted it, I wanted to spit it out.

Ghirardelli makes a dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chip that tastes pretty decent, so I would offer the chips to Lily if Rose and I were eating Valentine or Halloween chocolates. But if Rose and I were eating candy bars, Lily wanted the chocolate that looked like what we were eating. It tasted so bitter that I can’t imagine any little kid would like it, but she kept eating it.

Then the other day, I noticed Ghirardelli also makes a dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate bar for baking. We were supposed to toast s’mores at a party later that week. When we got the bar home, we tasted it to make sure it wasn’t secretly bittersweet baking chocolate. It wasn’t! It tasted great!

And Lily had a revelation.

“This is really good! Mommy, I didn’t like that other chocolate, but I love this chocolate! That other chocolate tasted bad, but I ate it anyway.”

Why did she eat it if it tasted so bad?

“I don’t know. Because we were all eating chocolate…”

I wonder if she was pretending she liked the chocolate because the rest of us were drooling over our own chocolate?



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7 Responses to A Chocolate Story

  1. is she severely allergic (break out in hives and swell up and need an epi pen) or just lactose intolerant which causes a tummy ache.

    if she is lactose intolerant, she may be able to tolerate things like chocolate. if she can eat cheese and have other types of dairy, then she should be able to eat a little bit of chocolate.

    if she is lactose intolerant, she may just be okay if she eats a lactaid before she has anything with dairy in it.

    • She’s severely allergic to milk. She hasn’t had it in forever, but she gets bad hives if she gets even a little contamination (last time we knew about it anyway). We carry an epi pen for her. No chocolate!

  2. bummer! maybe she’ll grow out of it! hope hope hope.

  3. Maurina

    You need to talk to me! I can’t eat dairy (nor can most of my family). I’m the most sensitive but still. Go Dairy Free is a fantastic resource for finding what brands of whatever are dairy free, restaurants that are dairy-free friendly, recipies, etc…
    Also there is a Chocolate Dream brand that is made in a dairy free factory! No child should be without chocolate!! Also for a peanut butter cup expierence Justin’s Nut Butters makes a vegan peanut butter cup. It is dark chocolate but it is not bitter, imo. Though I LOVE dark chocolate. The darker the better!

  4. Margo

    Go Max Go makes dairy-free versions of a lot of popular chocolate bars. It’s been years since I’ve had the dairy versions so I can’t make a direct comparison, but they’re definitely very tasty and I can say from experience that they freeze well. They’re definitely pricier than the standard versions, but maybe you could stock up on a few so Lily can have an equivalent treat when the rest of the family indulges. Their website is http://www.gomaxgofoods.com/.

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