Big Girl

It was a very exciting day at our house.
Little Violet turned one year old!

It’s hard to believe there was a time we weren’t sure that we wanted a third kid. Obviously the correct choice was to go ahead and do it. Violet is so fantastic that we would have missed out on so much if we hadn’t made her a part of our lives. Whenever someone tells me they are having trouble deciding if they should have another baby, I tell them to do it. As long as there is no major financial, health or infertility obstacle, if you THINK you might want a second, third or fourth kid, but aren’t sure, DO IT. You might regret not having another baby, but you can’t regret a baby you already have.
Before I put the girls to bed the night before Violet’s birthday, Rose told me that Violet would be a big girl today.

“Tomorrow she’s going to start wearing underwear!” Rose said.

I’m sure that would be an excellent idea, Rose.

When Lily woke up in the morning, she was perplexed when she saw Violet.

“But she doesn’t look any different than she did yesterday! She looks the same! She’s still a baby!”

I reminded her that although one day is the difference between being ALMOST one and ACTUALLY one, you don’t really grow that much in a day. Lily then remembered she looked the same as she did the day before when she turned five in September.


The first birthday of a third girl in 5 years is hard to shop for, but I have the answer thanks to a brilliant friend. What does a third same-gendered kid need for his or her first birthday when he or she already has seemingly EVERYTHING? Bath toys. Get the kid lots of bath toys. Bath toys get gross fast. You can only clean them so well. New bath toys are ALWAYS a need, but nothing you ever think to buy on your own. Bath toys are the PERFECT go-to present for same-sex sibling #3.

Violet doesn’t know one way or another that it is her birthday. She didn’t care much about the bath toys, though she will enjoy them later. She did, however, approve of the cake.

Happy birthday, Violet!


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  1. Love the matching dresses!!! happy birthday Violet!

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