Safety Town

For the last couple years, everyone has been telling me that before Lily goes to kindergarten, she MUST go to Safety Town day camp. I kept asking why. Her preschool and I have taught her a fair amount about safety. What new thing could this day camp possibly be teaching?

A couple months ago as day camp registration was approaching, I asked on facebook how necessary this camp was. It overlapped the swim lessons we wanted to take and I was trying to decide if I could handle two daily commitments outside the house with three kids (No.). All these other Ohio adults told me that they remembered when they went to Safety Town and how it was the best fun they ever had. Nobody told me why.

It wasn’t until we arrived at Safety Town that I finally understood WHY it was a must-have.
Safety Town is an actual town. It’s a miniature town with stop signs and stop lights so the kids can learn how to cross the street on foot and follow the rules of the road while riding big wheels. A police officer teaches the class and they learn all about just about every area of safety you can think of.

In all my conversations with people about Safety Town, nobody had told me it was an actual town! I’d just thought it was a day camp. Apparently there are little “towns” like this all over northwest Ohio. Almost everyone I know in Ohio is from this area and went to Safety Town when they were kids, so they just assumed I knew what it was!

Nope! As far as I know, there’s nothing like this where I’m from in Indiana. There was definitely nothing like this when I was a kid.

So when they were saying “Safety Town” and meaning an actual town where they taught kids safety, I was picturing a hokey day camp with coloring and games.

Needless to say, I’m happy I signed Lily up for it. If you are a transplant to northwest Ohio like I am, your information is here! Safety Town is a town! An actual town! Why don’t they just SAY that? It wasn’t even in the camp description!

I wonder what other gems I haven’t learned about because people just assume I know.


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