Tripping Roses

What is it about three year olds that gives them the uncanny ability to fall down and hurt themselves seconds before you are a) about to do something important in front of a crowd or b) about to take a group picture?

Rose is unnaturally good at falling down at the absolute worst second. I’d think she was planning the whole thing, but she often ends up legitimately hurt. I doubt she’d purposefully hurt herself for extra attention. Would she pretend to be hurt or overdramatize being hurt for attention? Sure. Happens ALL THE TIME. Most of these falls involve a little bit of blood. I can tell they are for real!

This past weekend, we had a traditional Korean ceremony honoring Violet’s first birthday. The second we were about to begin with all of our guests looking on, Rose tripped over the long skirt of her hanbok (Korean dress) and slammed her face into a picnic bench. Excellent timing.

The next day was Father’s Day. I wanted to get a good picture of the girls with their dad before they stained their matching dresses at dinner. Everyone looked perfect. As we were walking outside to take the picture, Rose slammed her head into the doorknob and burst into tears.

Even though she calmed down before we took the picture, all I could get was woeful expressions out of her. “Happy Father’s Day! Remember that one time Rose slammed her head on the doorknob? Here’s photographic evidence!”

Lily has a graduation program on Friday. I wonder what sort of drama Rose will get herself into moments before it occurs? I should just bring bandaids and ice packs to all of our big events.


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  1. Poor Rose!! I know that kids have a tendency to be accident prone, as I was one of them. One thing my mother noticed with kids is that if they tended to trip a lot more than usual, or have a bit more accidents than usual, it usually meant they were in the middle of a growth spurt where their bodies aren’t fully “connected”. All of a sudden, where she could have passed just under that door knob, that door knob is now forehead level and the mind hasn’t had time to adjust to that yet. lol

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