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Why is custom framing so ridiculously expensive? We bought a $40 name painting as a birthday gift for Violet. Yesterday I took it to the local discount craft mega-store to get it framed at “50% off” (if it’s ALWAYS “50% off”, it means it’s just regular price, no?). The painting was a ridiculously irregular size and had to be custom matted and framed in order to look nice.

I ended up spending $100 on a nothing-fancy mat and frame. That’s right, I spent more than double on the frame as what I spent on the artwork.

It’s appalling!

I used to be pretty serious about art when I was in high school. I know from my experiences back then that NONE of the art supplies come in standard frame or matting sizes. It was a huge hassle and expensive whenever I had to enter a piece of artwork in a competition because it had to be matted. Every single piece of art-related paper, board or canvas was an irregular size. Or perhaps every single frame and mat is an irregular size.

Whatever the case, I think the art supply people and the frame people are in cahoots with each other. They are plotting together to make sure that not only do the artists spend a lot of money on supplies, but the buyers spend a ton of money on frames.

Are the art supply people THE SAME people as the custom frame people? Therein may lie our problem. Maybe the art supply people also make custom frames and thus purposefully make all art paper a shape that won’t fit in any ready-made frames.

It’s a scam, I tell you! A scam!

Artists of the world, insist on frame-sized paper or paper-sized frames!


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