Extending the Hate

Shortly after the Hate Fence neighbors made the bizarre extension on their fence, they got new neighbors to their east. The new neighbors had two small dogs and two tween boys. I don’t know them. I hardly ever see them at all. They are almost never outside, but apparently they are outside enough to bother the Hate Fence people because guess what happened next?
This is the picture I posted on my personal facebook the day the new part of the Hate Fence went in. Who the hell erects a fence in the dead of winter?

When the construction truck arrived that morning, I was giddy with excitement. The construction crew had to be there to finish the stupid half a Hate Fence on our side, right?

When they started construction on the other side of the lot, I thought it was weird. Come on, do our side! It’s almost done! It’s almost there! Just put up a few more panels and we can move on from this monstrosity. I couldn’t conceive of a world where the fencers would leave without finishing our side.

The picture and my previous post already give away the conclusion. They did not finish our side. It is now a year later and the fence is still not finished on our side.

Why can’t these people just hate us? I want to be hated! I want my side of the Hate Fence done! But no! Clearly they like us! WHY? We are way more disruptive than their neighbors to the east. Our kids and dog are in and out all day. I yell at them outside sometimes when they misbehave and they whine and cry and scream. We have giant plastic Little Tikes stuff all over the yard. We haven’t done ANY landscaping back there.

And yet we still haven’t gotten our share of the Hate Fence! WHY? What do we need to do to be hated enough for a Hate Fence?

We have a couple theories about why they might like us or at least only HALF hate us. 1) They LOVE our dog Lumpy, not that I can blame them. Lumpy and their German Shepherd like to chase each other along the fence. Maybe they didn’t finish the fence so our dogs could keep playing. If this is the reason, it’s stupid because they constantly freak out that our kids might be too close to the fence and their dog might hurt them. You think your dog is dangerous? FINISH YOUR FENCE! 2) They are a Korean/Caucasian biracial couple just like us so maybe they feel some sort of connection to us. Plus our kids are freaking adorable and who doesn’t want to see them?

Another neighborhood theory is that they built the fence to protect their garden. They are avid gardeners and have created quite a masterpiece out there, but I don’t buy this argument. Much of the landscaping extends beyond the oddly placed Hate Fence.

I don’t care what the real reason is. I just want to be hated. I want this Hate Fence to turn back into a privacy fence! Tune in tomorrow to see what happened when a construction crew arrived a few months after this latest addition. It’s not what you would think.



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5 Responses to Extending the Hate

  1. Anne

    I think it’s because of the pine trees along your side of the fence…

    • Sorry about that last comment. Not sure how that got there. ANYWAY, the trees are on their side of the yard and they are often on the other side of them. But it’s a good theory!

  2. That fence is ugly as heck!

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