Felicity Sucks

As I said in a previous post, I really like the show “Felicity”, but I think Felicity herself is a terrible person that everyone in the show falls all over pretending like she’s the smartest, sweetest most innocent person in the world. Felicity is constantly described by other characters as innocent and kind-hearted, but most plots revolve around her doing something immoral or at least questionable.

Let’s think about the very premise of the show. Felicity is supposed to go to Stanford, but instead goes to New York City without telling her parents WHO PAY FOR COLLEGE. She basically lies about her whereabouts and assumes her parents will foot the bill. I mean, in what world does an innocent, well-behaved person switch colleges without even telling their parents? While her parents are domineering and meddlesome (though apparently right that she wasted time not pursuing pre-med, since that’s what she ultimately does), going to NYC without telling them was just beyond contempt. I know Felicity was finding herself, but we are supposed to walk away from this premise still thinking she has these amazing morals.

She doesn’t. Right away she’s abusing her student aid job in the admissions office to read Ben’s admission essay. She then rewrites Ben’s essay, essentially helping him cheat, but without his permission. She has a relationship with her RA, which seems like it should be against the rules. And she has that relationship with Noel while she clearly wants to be with Ben.

While she’s at work at Dean and Deluca, she’s never actually working. All she does is talk to her friends. Costumers are forever being ignored. She’s constantly skipping class or calling off work at the last second to take care of a personal crisis. If she were my student or employee, she’d probably be failing or fired, but all we hear about is what an amazing employee/student she is.

She breaks into the college swimming pool to drink and swim. She has a relationship with her boss at the student health center (who was pre-med, yet somehow in charge of the whole center including the doctors. Because that’s totally realistic!). She cheats on both Ben and Noel. She plagiarizes someone’s dissertation and tries to pass it off as her own project.

On top of that, she rarely goes home to visit her parents and often blows them off for summer break to follow some boy around.

She’s terrible. She’s a bad girlfriend, a questionable student and a horrible daughter.

But no. We are supposed to believe she’s this innocent little flower.

She’s not. It’s crap. I would appreciate the show a lot more of other people described her the way she was: Felicty is a girl who drinks a little too much and makes a ton of bad decisions. She is a girl who is in love with a very stupid boy who treats her like crap.

Amazing heroine, she is not.

Let me tell you, it is much easier to make it through college without breaking school rules or cheating on people than this show would let you believe. But I guess without all that insanity you wouldn’t have a drama worth watching.


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