Hate Shade

This is Part IV of the Hate Fence Saga. Read the first three parts here, here, and here.

The spring after the most recent addition to the Hate Fence, I got very excited when a construction crew arrived at the Hate Fence neighbor’s house with a load of wood. Were they removing the neighborhood restricted privacy fence of hate and putting the split rail back up? Were they doing a bunch of work that included finishing the Hate Fence on our side?

Nope. They were building an extravagant deck with a built-in bench and a pergola. It stood on top of what had been a very nice patio that was about five years old and had to be in nice condition. The idea that they were doing the privacy fence piece by piece as their budget allowed was totally negated. They clearly had the money to finish the Hate Fence and convert it into a privacy fence if they could afford a deck like that when they already had a patio! Why on earth would you put in a deck of that magnitude BEFORE you finished your fence if you already had a patio? I don’t think the Hate Fence will ever be finished.

I was crushed when I realized we weren’t getting the rest of our Hate Fence. Why can’t they hate us? I know we are likeable and cute and everything, but block us out! We are always in the yard at the same time as them and it’s just awkward because they don’t really talk to us. We’ve tried to be friendly and even invited them to a Korean BBQ, which they didn’t attend despite the wife being Korean like my husband, but not much has happened with our relationship. All of our conversations go something like this “Your kids are so beautiful! They are getting big! They are so cute!” “Thanks! Your garden looks great!” Despite us being in the yard at the same time as them daily, the communication happens about once a month and I don’t believe I’ve ever said a word to the husband.

A couple weeks after the Amazing Deck went up, I came outside to find this.
Hate shade, anyone?

Granted, the shade is PROBABLY there to block out the sun and not us, but STILL. This sure would be a cheap solution, along with the trees along that side of the yard, to blocking us out.

I rather have a full Hate Fence! I’m so sick of being only HALF hated! Just seeing the line where the fence ends was driving me crazy, but soon I found a solution so I wouldn’t have to look at it. Tune in tomorrow to see what it was! And I know I promised a post for Wednesday and failed you all, but there are no fireworks tomorrow so it WILL happen.


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