It’s the Circle of Clothes

Lily comes downstairs wearing the same pink dress she wore 2 days ago. It’s been washed, but she wore it 2 days ago and again 3 days before that. She has at least 14 dresses and a week and a half’s worth of shorts/shirt outfits. There are things in her wardrobe we hardly ever see and it’s driving me nuts.

Me: Ugh. You JUST wore that. Go find something else to wear! Pick something you haven’t worn in a long time.

Lily comes back downstairs wearing a dress she wore 3 days ago.

Me: Seriously? You JUST wore that too! Go find something else!

Lily: There is nothing else!

I just put away clean laundry yesterday, but that’s besides the point. There are outfits she hasn’t worn in weeks!

I go upstairs with her to avoid a three-peat of the same mistake.

Me: Let’s see…

Lily: I want to wear a dress! So I picked dresses!

Me: You have enough dresses that you don’t have to wear the same dress three times a week. How about this one? I can’t even remember the last time you’ve worn it.

Lily: Oooo… that’s really pretty. I didn’t see it! I don’t remember this dress.

How can a kid have SO MANY CLOTHES but only wear three outfits ever? I’d lay clothes out for her, but despite what happened today I want her to assert her independence by picking out her own clothes in the morning. I guess the lesson here is to never buy so many choices even if they are super cheap beautiful things you bought in vast quantities to avoid problems those weeks when your kid goes through multiple outfits a day. Your kid is only going to wear the same three things over and over and over and over and over again until you want to scream.

Maybe the solution is to hide the clean laundry until she goes through her whole wardrobe. If I had space to hide her clean clothes, I just might… Or maybe I should just stop doing laundry. That has to be the best option, right?



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  1. maybe you can get a portable hanging rack to put in the laundry room. Once you;ve washed her outfit, hang it on the rack… by the time the rack gets full her closet should be nearly empty, then replenish.

    • It’s a nice idea, but our laundry room is TINY. There’s no room for something like that, so I’m stuck putting clothes away immediately (or leaving them in baskets in my room for weeks on end lol).

  2. My daughter’s grandparents spoil her with clothes all the time. She has so many, but she only has like 5 she likes. So I have an extra laundry basket for her, that her clean but not put away clothes just sit in, hoping she’ll be forced to wear some of the outfits she’s never touched. Unfortunately she outwitted me, and now climbs up to her laundry basket and goes through it.

    • My daughter is 14 and still gets dressed out of the clean laundry basket. Drives me crazy! If you don’t have anything to wear in your room, why not PUT YOUR LAUNDRY AWAY?
      Or, say, if you don’t like the stuff that’s IN your room, why not take it OUT? We could donate all those clothes you don’t wear, and maybe fill your closet with the CRAP that you leave all over the floor? Pretty please?
      Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack your post with my own rant… It’s after noon, I should go drag my daughter out of bed and rant at her instead. =)

  3. Tried and True Solution: When you put up the laundry, put the clean clothes to the back of the closet, or whatever area isn’t easy to reach. Kids won’t dig through a closet. Do this every time pushing the clothes that were already hanging forward, and putting the clean clothes in the back. The kids will wear more of their clothes, because it is in front of their sweet little faces. I figured this out when I realized my son would wear holes in his jeans faster because he’d wear the same pair over and over, rather than wearing ALL his jeans, simple because they were within easy reach.

  4. My (autistic) husband is like that – he’ll wear the same three t-shirts over and over again. One summer I caught him showering and then putting on the same dirty socks and undies that he’d just had on. Ugggghhhhh. It took me several weeks that summer to get him to put on clean clothes after a shower. He’s still working on clean underwear when he gets up in the morning – he has a strong tendency to just put on a t-shirt and jeans over the undies he slept in and I would very much prefer that he put on new, clean clothes.

    Now when I have his laundry clean, I hide it in my closet until his t-shirt drawer is empty, then I magically fill it up with clean t-shirts. Otherwise, he wears the same ones over and over and over again and never touches the others. He’s clueless about appropriate clothing – he’ll put on his brand-new jeans and shirt and then tell me he’s going to his friend’s house to work on their cars. I’m like, how about in your old clothes? He is totally surprised, like that NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO HIM. He was very complimentary to me – “Oh, that’s a really good idea!” He thinks if he’s wearing all blue then he matches, even if his shirt, pants and shoes are all totally different shade of blue, like royal, navy and teal.

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