Juice Evolution

With my first kid, I aimed to do everything perfectly. Juice is allegedly bad for you know because of all the sugar in it, so Lily didn’t have juice for a long time. It was all water and (soy/almond) milk for probably 2 1/2 years. No juice to taint my precious little angel! Even though the soy/almond milk was sweetened, I wasn’t going to tarnish her with the sugar in juice! (No one said my logic had to make sense.)

When I finally let juice boxes slip in, I always made sure they were 100% natural fruit juice, preferably with vegetables slipped in. Lily was probably 3 years old before juice boxes happened places other than other people’s houses.

By my second kid, I wasn’t scared of juice anymore. Sugar, schmugar. Convenience and hydration worries beat out sugar fears. I limited juice boxes for when we were out (and I still do). They were easier to grab when we were heading out the door than sippy cups, which I always had to refill, wash and keep track of. When there were two sippy cups to bring, it was such a pain in the ass to make sure both were available. I was just too lazy to have one more thing to do when I was trying to force two kids out the door. Grabbing a premade drink saved me at least five minutes a trip. Sorry, environment! Sorry, kids’ glucose levels!

Rose had her first juice box when she was about 18 months old as opposed to at least 2 1/2 years old like Lily. I didn’t even know Rose was ready for it, but we were at a hotel and she managed to extract a juice box from a shrink-wrapped pack of them and was trying to put a straw in the correct hole. I realized if she could unwrap a juice box and straw, she could probably drink it.

Now I’m on my third kid. Somehow juice boxes have become 100% crap instead of 100% natural. We go through so many juice boxes in the summer, I don’t feel like paying for the all natural type and filling three or four water bottles before we leave the house sounds painstaking somehow. This was partially influenced by my kids’ obsession with lemonade and Lily’s ability to read. She saw there were lemonade Capri Suns and got really excited. So much for the natural fruit juice. The kids are drinking lemonade Capri Suns whenever they need a drink on the run.

Violet is 13 months old and yesterday she whined for a sugar-filled Carpi Sun. When I gave it to her, she knew exactly what to do thanks to watching two big sisters.
At 13 months old, my third child now drinks a sugary drink beyond juice that my first child was not “allowed” to drink until she was probably three years old. With my first kid, I would have been horrified to see a 13 month old drinking a juice box BY HERSELF. With my third kid, I’m like “You can drink juice boxes now? YAY! Less work for me when we’re in a hurry!”

As I watched Violet expertly slurp down her Capri Sun, I had to laugh at the mom I was when Lily was Violet’s age. There was a time I actually thought I wouldn’t be buying juice boxes. Ha! What world was I living in? Who was I?



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  1. I love you! You write the blog I would have written, had blogs been around 24 years ago when I was raising kids! The big thing for me was diapers. For the first kid, it was cloth right up to potty training. The second one was allergic to practically every soap on the planet, so we had to go to biodegradable, high-cloth content disposables. Yeah, the last one got Luvs. Kids are tough, and they don’t care what they poop in. And they will burn off all the calories in those Capri Suns and then some!! At least there is no caffeine in them. :P

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